We recommend Next Day Air for all quail & egg deliveries through September.
Other shipping options will be at your own risk during this time. We have experienced delivery delays with normal FedEx deliveries amid COVID-19.
Manchester Farms, Inc.
8126 Garners Ferry Rd
Columbia, SC 29209

Tel: 800-845-0421

Fax: 803-227-3103

To place an order, please contact your region’s sales representative or call 800-845-0421.

Sales Representatives:

Jim Lenox

Regions: Texas, Louisiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, and New Mexico

Email: jim@lenoxfoodsales.com


Angela Covington

Regions: California, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Mississippi, Virginia, Utah, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, Washington, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Oregon

Email: acovington@manchesterfarms.com

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